Experts of International Service PRO-POST share professional secrets. Today we will focus on "natural" retouch.

The main principle of work of retouchers – are taste and sense of proportion. Licked photos – smooth face, devoid of any small spots and roughness, - looks ridiculous at the best. Such aesthetics typical for provincial photo albums and sometimes pops up in completely unexpected places. Western trends in retouch have radically different aesthetic approach.  

The most important thing in the process of retouching – is to save natural look and naturalness of photo, but in the same time get rid of imperfections, which spoils work. For example, freckles or birthmarks often only beautify model, but nose hair, moustache and vellus hair around face is necessary to remove.

You shouldn't trust the phrase “what is natural is not dirty” so much. It’s better to ask yourself - whether a model can dispense without this feature? A pimple on the nose might not appear on the shooting day and the position she might have chosen a more successful, that means that everything is a subject to adjustments.

However, it is very important not to overdo with corrections of defects and save model’s natural look. For example, expression wrinkles or folds is necessary to soften, but you should not remove them totally, otherwise picture will look. You should clean up bags under your eyes, but skin tone in these areas still will be darker – just because it is the way shadow falls. It is necessary to keep the pattern of the skin, taking into consideration the fact that the texture is different depending on the part of the body. Light and shadow have a great value – if you break it you get the effect of broken bones and deformed body. 

A good retoucher always checks with the originals during work – it is made to remember how model looks like in the real life. His main task – is to highlight the beauty of the model, but in any case not remake the photo newly.

An example of the work of PRO-POST clearly demonstrates the art of good retouching: before and after.

This is a beauty photo, main task is to show trends in make-up. Client asked to draw the makeup and enhance color palette of shadows. First of all, the picture in the right side does not look unnatural. All 
light nuances are kept, the light and shadow image is exactly the same as in the original. Face has a volume, skin looks natural but is more fresh. Retoucher softened facial nasolabial folds – but didn’t remove them completely. Several pigment stains were removed, but freckles were saved, they make image full of life. Eyes stand out, make-up is enhanced, however, the skin texture is saved. We got rid of hair in the middle of eyebrow and balanced skin tone – but in general, retoucher just enhanced model’s pluses, which were taken by photograph.  

It is the main professional skill of retoucher – not to remake photo, but also not to bring anything extra to the work, just edit the original photo gently and delicately. 

*** photos used in the article were retouched by PRO-POST. Photos are used with personal consent of authors photos.