"About Galatea!"

 Photographer: Natasha Volk

Makeup: Katya Arnell

Hair: Natalie Braslavich

 Model: Lera Kapkaikina @ K Models


When speaking of the art of photography, one should remember, that retouching projects like this also plays a big part in the whole creation. In this concrete series, the main task for the retoucher is to make the model look like a cold statue, but yet to keep, and brighten, the feeling of her going to breathe in  and step down from her pedestal, like she is real! PRO-POST retouchers team was successful to give out the elegance and catch the idea of this project, making these photographs become dreamlike and breathtaking, but still remaining remarkably real.

One of the most important tasks for a retoucher is to keep up to authors’ idea and make it look perfect. And we are safe to say that we managed to complete this objective!

As bonus, we share with you a before/after look for one of those charming photos:

Before/after from Pro-Post on Vimeo.

Take pleasure in magical vision of Galatea with us!