Modern photographer is hardly to exist without retouching, no matter what genre he works with – fashion, portrait, commercial or private shootings. 

Image editing is no longer considered to be an additional and a necessary skill of the photographer. Correct retouching requires attention and accumulated eye. A professional photographer is not always a good retoucher – it’s absolutely different professions and the necessity of taste unites them.

Retouching - meticulous and time-consuming work that requires a lot of time and effort, as well as assiduity and a certain kind of character. As well as any other difficult and responsible work it is better to trust it to  professionals.

International retouching service advantageously differs from numerous small companies and private freelance-retouchers because there a harmonious experienced team of professionals works upon the project and analyzes the work as a single mechanism, from taking order in work till the moment when a client gets the result.

This is all about photo retouching of different genres - from advertising and portrait photography to wedding photo shoots and interior shots.

Among the clients of – there are international photographers who work with Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazar, Cosmopolitan; amateurs, wedding photographers, experts in the still-life shooting, and many others. offers four different versions of the difficulty of photo retouching:


1. Retouching level BASIC

A perfect choice for retouching of wedding and family photo shoots, shootings for online stores and stock photography. 

Work content: Color/exposure correction, light figure correction, general correction of photo.

2. Retouching level LIGHT

Is recommended for a retouch of portfolio, model tests, look-books , shootings for online-stores.

Work content: Color / exposure correction, correction of clear deficiencies, light figure correction, general correction of photo, light make-up correction, light retouch of skin, elimination of obvious defects of a background and clothes.

3. Retouching level ADVANCED

The most popular choice for gloss magazines. Is used for retouching of fashion photography, portraits, portfolio, posed catalogs and simple object photography.

Work content: Detailed color/expo correction, reference toning, , figure correction, retouch of clothes and background defects, skin retouch with texture-saving, make-up and hairstyle correction.

4. Retouching level PREMIUM

The most complicated and time-consuming version of professional retouching.The best choice for beauty shootings, magazine covers, jewelry shootings.

Work content: Detailed color/expo correction, reference toning, local volume drawing. Careful elaboration of clothes and background defects: cleaning and drawing. Detailed skin, make-up, hair, nails retouch. Detailed retouch with texture-saving, aesthetic face and figure surgery plastic


The scheme of transferring photos to retouch is extremely easy - all necessary actions are performed on-line. All that is required from client – is to register and enter personal account. There is no need to upload photos to file sharing - there is an online personal cabinet, which allows to control the status of orders. 


The ability of preview of the processed images is especially valued due to which client can leave comments to finished photos. It takes about five business days, but on the client’s request photos can be done much faster. The main thing – is an absolute guarantee of terms and quality.

New York, Paris, Moscow, Kiev - no matter where you are and where you work - team will retouch your photos in time and qualitatively and absolutely confidential.


*** photos used in the article were retouched by PRO-POST and are published with personal consent of authors photos.