Professional photographer knows that a pledge of good final image - a qualitative source file. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this and rely only on postprocessing. Possibilities of an experienced retoucher are very high of course, but don’t expect amazing results giving not qualitative source file into work.

So, RAW vs JPEG: Which is Best?

There are photos genres, undoubtedly, where the detailed retouching or complicated color correction are not expected basically. You can shoot directly as jpeg with imposed filters in the camera.

But what happens when we have a nice frame and data of jpeg file is not enough for retouching?

Retouching point is not only in the correction of light and shadow drawing and working with defects. Raw format files contain much more data than the jpg file.

The most obvious example is the sky. Probably everyone had shots with overexposed sky. RAW file contains information that can be shown, even if it is not seen on the preview.



Source file – sky in jpeg

Исходник - небо в jpeg


Source file – sky in raw

Исходник - небо  в raw


Final result

Готовая фотография


It is a primitive example but looking at it we can see that absolutely the same thing happens with all photos – beauty, fashion and still-life photography. Many are faced with the problem of color correction followed by a "climb" of the gradient ladder and artifacts. This could be connected with the lack of information in file. That is why we recommend sending the source file in the RAW format all our customers.