Today, mobile technologies are an integral part of most people's lives. Smartphones are gradually replacing the usual cameras with their capabilities. Everyone can make wonderful family photos, or capture their journey with one small device. Despite its small size, the technologies enclosed inside it can help any user to make a small masterpiece out of his/her photos.


Modern programs for processing photos mostly offer a standard set of filters and automated tools for removing shortcomings from photos, if it's about portraits. This is a significant leap in the development of private photography, since such applications use face recognition systems and objects and they are constantly being improved. But still, such programs cannot replace the hands of professional retouchers, because technology is not able to "anticipate" the results as they can be seen by the retoucher. Undoubtedly, modern programs offer quite nice and stylish versions of correction, but with the addition of such filters, the program does not take into account the color rendering features in the photo.

 For example, the rather popular "X-Pro II" Instagram filter enhances the brightness and contrast of colors, making the photo more expressive, but the color of the skin, especially in bright sunlight, acquires a red tint, which you cannot get rid of in the application. At the same time, the retoucher, who works with the same photo, can correct the shortcomings of any color filter. So, the master will save the desired style of the picture, but will process the details, which will look unnatural.


In addition to color correction programs, there are programs like Photoshop and its derivatives, like Photoshop Fix from Adobe. Fix has a set of features inherent in the standard version of Photoshop, but it will not be accurate enough in the work of the tools. It's not very convenient to drive your finger across the screen of the smartphone, when that same finger covers half the picture.


Retoucher, in turn, is not limited to the screen size; it has convenient tools for work that allow you to concentrate on the details and not to lose sight of anything important.

Option for processing

Work in Photoshop Fix


Retouching PRO-POST

Returning to the issue of removing shortcomings, we can say that at this stage most applications are divided into two areas - fully automated and manual. In the case of automated systems, everything is clear - not always the application can correctly determine what a disadvantage is and what is not. Manual programs do not offer much comfort and maximum accuracy of processing. Moreover, neither those nor other programs have in their arsenal the ability to recognize and reproduce the texture of the real skin, and replace it with blurred spots. Quite often there is an incorrect recognition and mixing of colors, as a result of which a spot of a lighter shade appears instead of a pimple and differs in texture. But any retoucher, when working with skin imperfections, has a much larger set of tools and skills, and can process each part in accordance with the general view of the picture.


If we are talking about family or travel photography, the quality of the photo is not as important as the memory that the shot carries in itself. We all want to keep these memories bright, sunny and beautiful. Unfortunately, mobile filters are not yet able to feel the aesthetics and highlight important details in the frame. But the retoucher is capable of this! Only when manually working with a photo, accents and details of the shot are determined correctly and processed or deleted much more accurately. Retoucher always analyzes the future work, in contrast to the soulless program. He knows how to select and correctly place all the important details in the frame. If there is a mountain in the frame, on which sunlight pours, the program will smooth out or make the sun's rays paler. But the retoucher will notice them and allocate them so that they look like a real miracle.


Of course, in mobile applications there are both minuses and pluses - ease of use, accessibility, etc. But they are not able to replace the resource of the human brain, which will analyze and consistently apply the necessary tools with a sense of measure and aesthetic taste.

One can only guess where the technologies available to any person will advance in the future. But for people who value quality first, the professional's hand will be irreplaceable.