First of all, the photographer must fulfill the basic tenets of a high-quality photo shoot, namely: display the plot, catch the brightest moments, and set the correct settings for light and color, and much more. But at the same time, everyone understands that a quality “raw shot” is far from being the final result.


Any photo needs additional work, retouching. The depth of retouching depends on the task.

It is worth emphasizing that, despite the possibilities of modern computer processing and the complexity of programs, only a specialist can perform a truly elaborate decoration. In the work of any modern wedding photographer, retouching is a big part of the success of the entire wedding shoot. Some photographers themselves sit down at the painstaking process of retouching and spend a huge amount of free time on this. As a result, the newlyweds are simply doomed to wait for the finished pictures up to three months. Now imagine the situation that the photographer gives the finished photos in two days, from which he spends only an hour for the selection of material and sends it for processing. Yes, it is absolutely real with the PRO-POST service! Thus, the photographer frees up time for new orders, his income increases accordingly, and most importantly, the level of the services themselves rises, providing the client with a super service - fast delivery of photos.

As a result: everyone does his own business - the photographer takes pictures, the retoucher retouchs, the newlyweds are happy!

Wedding photo retouching, as well as any other, can be of varying complexity: basic, the main element of which is general correction of the image and elimination of obvious shortcomings or more detailed processing.

Removing  “noise”, dust, dirt and other image defects. Skin retouching, easy body shaping, adjusting sharpness, brightness, contrast of the image. Often applied artistic correction.

And a particularly relevant topic is the removal of unnecessary objects in the frame. At the wedding

often happens that the shooting is carried out in “extreme” conditions: a busy street, a park with

children, a crowded restaurant ... In this situation, get high-quality pictures is difficult, because important people, as always, will forget to take pictures  and outsiders  on the contrary - accidentally fall into the frame. A picture, after removing unnecessary objects, will look as if this excess object has never been on it!