1How is the order placed?

An order for the online processing of photos is placed from the user’s personal account, which you can access after the registration of your account. In order to have your order processed it is necessary that the balance on your ledger account exceeds or equals the price of the placed order.

2How to recharge the personal ledger account?

The ledger account can be recharged in several ways.

  1. You can recharge balance from your personal account via the most popular online payment systems, including Visa, MasterCard, Приват24, WebMoney, PayPal, Yandex Money, etc. Press the “Recharge balance” key in your personal account to see a full list of possible payment forms. There you will also find the instructions for balance recharging in cash via city payment terminals in Russia and Ukraine.
  2. You can also buy the commission free ProPost recharge cards in the authorized shop.
3What is the ledger account?

Payment for photo processing is made via the client’s ledger account, which is accessed from his personal account. The total balance of the ledger account consists of the basic account and bonus account. You can recharge the basic account in one of the ways listed below. The bonus account is recharged by the ProPost administration and depends on the client’s pro-activeness.

4What amount of balance is required for placing an order?

The total balance of the basic and bonus accounts should be equal or exceed the price of all the orders being processed. While sending the order for processing, the money necessary for its payment are written off from the account. You can track the condition of free money in your personal account.

5What are bonuses and how are they used?

In the process of your cooperation with the ProPost your bonus account is pleasantly recharged. The rule is simple – the more actively you place orders, the more bonuses you get. The money in your bonus account has the same payment power as the money in your basic account, and it is used automatically when the money in your basic account is finished. Mind please, that the bonuses can be used to cover not more, than 50% from total sum of your order!

6What to do if you failed to place an order?

Follow the automatic prompts while placing your order. If you have difficulties, review the FAQ list, and if a solution is not found, contact the support service: support@pro-post.com

7Do we claim our rights to the processed photos?

No, the rights to the processed photos are retained by the client in full.

8Are my photos subject to demonstration on the web-site?

The ProPost strictly observes the confidentiality policy. None of the third persons will see originals of the photos or their processed versions without a prior agreement with you. All the photos placed on the web-site as examples are demonstrated based on the author’s permit. In cases when the presented examples do not have originals, the authors allow publishing only processed photos.

9What are the requirements for the files to be uploaded?

We accept most of the digital formats: JPG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, most of the RAW formats (NEF, CR2, DNG), and others. The file archives (.rar, .zip, and others) are not accepted. Maximum size of the photo to be uploaded is 100 Mb, maximum size of the package of files to be uploaded is 500 Mb. If you need to upload an order, which exceeds the said limits, divide it into several parts, or use the www.WeTransfer.com. The Light and Advanced systems of retouching set limitations on the size of images to be uploaded - 22 Mpxls and 40 Mpxls, respectively.

10In what format do you transfer the processed photos?
The processed photos are transferred to the client by default in the JPEG format in the RGB color model. You can order the transfer of files in the TIFF, PNG or other format, by adding a relevant comment to your order. In response to your application we can also prepare a file for web. Please note that we return only one processed image per each uploaded file. Thus, if you want to get several file formats from one uploaded photo or several versions of retouching, you should upload the initial file several times and pay for each uploading.
11How long does the processing of one photo take?

The standard term of photo retouching is 5 working days You can also choose the express retouching (72 hours) or, on the contrary, give us additional time for working- this is done while placing an order. If you extend our working time you will make our life easier, and get an additional 5% discount on the standard price. The express processing, on the contrary, raises the price of retouching. You should keep in mind that the count of time for processing begins not from the moment of the file uploading to the web-site, but from the moment of its acceptance by retouchers, i.e. its transfer from the “Under approval” status to the “In the process” status in your personal account. The approval procedure takes up to 12 hours from the moment of the file uploading.

12How are the processed files transferred?

When the order is completed, you will get access to the preview of the high-res processed photos. Are you happy with everything? Good, accept your photos and you will get access to high-res uploading.

13What if I am unhappy with the quality of processing?

The ProPost ensures 100% satisfaction with the result: before accepting the work the client has the right to demand necessary corrections. To this end, at the preview stage you can indicate problem areas in the processed photos and mark relevant margins – we will review the project for free. Please add sufficiently detailed comments so that the designer could understand your expectations and improve the quality of his work. Please note that the comments should correspond to the previously chosen level of retouching, and should not contradict the comments to the initial order. In case of difficulties please contact the Service department, indicate the order number, and describe the problem.

14How do you guarantee lack of risks?

The ProPost offers the client oriented service, and we guarantee that we will make every effort to achieve the impressive result. If the client does not confirm the acceptance of the completed order within one month and does not add comments to his order, the work is considered to be accepted automatically, the client gets access to high-res uploading, and money for payment is written off from the ledger account.

15What are the examples (references) to the order?

While ordering retouch You can also attach up to three images-examples (references) for each uploaded photo which helps more accurately describe the task. For example, you can refer to the attached file with a request to perform some element of processing in a similar way. The use of these examples does not impact on the price of the work. The reference adding window also allows you to give us individual camera settings (.xmp-file) when loading RAW-files.

16How can we transfer individual settings of RAW-files (.xmp)?

If you want to transfer us individual camera settings in the process of RAW-files uploading, you can transfer an .xmp-file from your camera to the field for reference addition.

17Can the ProPost refuse to accept the order?

Before being accepted each order passes a stage of approval. In the event the client’s instructions do not correspond to the chosen level of processing we can return the order for clarification of the task. Another reason for a refusal can be the insufficient size or low resolution of originals.

18What browsers do you recommend?

We recommend using Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. We DO NOT recommend using Internet Explorer, since it can lead to the incorrect operation of the web-site.

19Other nuances you should know

- Please note that we return only one processed image per each uploaded file. Thus, if you want to get several file formats from one uploaded photo or several versions of retouching, you should upload the initial file several times and pay for each uploading. - Without a specific request from the client we do not crop photos, leaving this to the author of the image. - Without a specific request from the client we do not align the horizon at a slope of more than 5°, considering it the author’s idea. - You can order black and white or grayscale processing. Please indicate it in your order.