Anna Radchenko
To be honest, Pro Post service has become a real discovery for me. Unfortunately, there are lots of disadvantages in addressing to private retouchers - not always predictable speed of work and replies to the letters, usually there is no standardized price list, the human factor. In those few months that I address to Pro Post, the deadlines have never been violated, and sometimes everything is ready even faster than I expect. Excellent quality and attention to details. Reasonable prices, which allow me to include retouching in standard packages for my clients. Quite convenient to use the online cabinet - no need to upload files to file sharing, when photos are ready, it’s very convenient to comment on any particular point in the frame if something needs to be corrected or changed. I’m ready to recommend the service sincerely to anyone who appreciates quality, time and attentive attitude to clients.
Stanislava H. Hricova
I would like to say: ProPost is for me big support! Their service is highly professional and Im always happy and satisfied with their job. They help me to do my photos better:)
Sergii Virchis
Great, always satisfied with the service and quality, and it’s for three years !!!
Aleksey Nosenko
Excellent team and high quality work. Thank you!
Matt Rybansky
Perfect retouching services! Happy to cooperate with you!
Pyatkin Sergey
Well done. "Photoshop" is not visible - a big rarity. The girl is like alive
Inga Savits
Fast and professional!
Anastasiya Terebova
Thank you very much for your understanding and quick response to the wishes on finalizing!
Andrey Kosik
Thank you for work !!! Very happy with the result !!! Certainly will return again!!! Sincerely, Andrey Kosik
Anna Amelina
Great! Thank you for what you have done. A competent service, individual approach and magical hands!
Natasha Volk
I am convinced that everyone should do his own job - photographer takes photos, retoucher retouches. Significantly saves time! I use services of PRO-POST for about three years and it’s my main recommendation.
Sergey Vinnik
Pro-Post - is a service without which the modern professional photographer would be very difficult to work! It helps me to realize difficult tasks of retouching that were not available for me before and cooperation with such service is definitely a new step in my photographer‘s career ! Thank you very much for your professionalism and attention not only to details, but to the clients!
Nikita Goncharuk
Everything is done perfectly, just as I wanted it to be, thank you very much!
Roman Muraviov
You made everything, especially working with references, it's 100% cool! Loved your attention to the details. You are professionals, well done!
Andrey Kosik
Thank you!!! Excellent result!!!
Joyce Darkoh
Very professional and very patient with revision. Thank you.
Anna Babaeva
Stunningly beautiful work!!! Thank you very much
John Sansom
The team worked hard to ensure the project was completed on time. Thanks!
Sasha Samsonova
Thank you very much, great work with colors!
Viktoriya Elmendeeva
I loved the color correction! :) I am very happy with the result, thanks.
Olga Hlybova
Fascinating work!!! Thank you so much!
Valentin Nikolaev
To say that I'm happy with this service is to say nothing! Once I was wandering through Internet and found these guys. I dropped them couple of photos to test, and I was fascinated with the result. Their automatized service is very comfortable to use. You don't waste time on correspondence and specifications, etc. Of course, eager to save money, I've been searching for individual retouchers sometimes, or I was awaiting the final result from photographers, but I must say, that now I'm completely assured, that photographer can make great photos, but you can't get from him a satisfying retouch level. And freelance workers are the risk, that you can't afford to yourself, when running out of terms. That statement makes one conclusion - only professional retouching, made by people who know their work! Thank you for your work!
My first order and my first EXCELLENT! The color correction is superior and this is in Basic level! I'll be happy to collaborate with you further, thanks for work!
Mert Yarar
Very professional service & support! Web site interface is perfect! Thanks.
Elena Alieva
Great work! Superb communication! Fascinating approach to customer!
Victoria Kupets
KRISTINA FIDELSKAYA Fashion&Design Company would really like to pass on our thanks and gratitude for the work that Pro Post, undertook for us retouching photos. They did exactly what we agreed, turned up on time and did the job as agreed, can’t fault them and would not hesitate to use them again.We would highly recommended them.
Vera Galios
Professional team! Professional work!
Anna Z
Thank you for being so patient with us and making all the changes needed, we really appreciate it! Happy New Year! x Anna Z
Anna Babaeva
Everything is great as always! Thank you from all my heart!
Igor Razdorskih
guys, you are super professionals! Thank you!!!
Valentin Kardanov
The retouch is on totally amazing level! Thank you guys for your professionalism! The result truly exceeds all expectation!
Amer Mohamad
perfect! they helped me with a retoucher's issue so fast and they did what they promise , I highly recommend and so happy to work with you
Elena Prokhorova
PRO POST - Great service! Convenient and intuitive site navigation. Glad to start working with you! From the first order, my requirements were met with high quality and on time. I recommend the Service further. Regards, Vienna photographer Elena Prokhorova
Lena Morgenstern
As always on top! Thanks!
Ewlises Gonzalez
Perfect!, exactly what I wanted!
Olga Khlybova
Thank you very much for a perfect work!
Erin Cross
AMAZING exactly what I asked for. Incredible work
Svetlana Otvetchikova
Great job! Thank you so much!

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